5 Useful Tips to Align Your Cover Letter and CV

If you wish to get a job, the most important factors are your CV and cover letter. Before you get called in for a personal interview, your CV and cover letter do the job for you. They represent you to your employer. Now you all can imagine very well what could happen if you don’t have a good, aligned CV and cover letter. You won’t be called in for a personal interview if they don’t find anything appealing in your CV and cover letter, which means you won’t get the job. It is as simple as that.

Getting a job directly depends on your CV and cover letter as it is your first impression to the company. Whenever you see adverts like job vacancies in Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad or any other place, get ready with these 5 tips that will help you frame a better cover letter.

  1. Don’tRepeat Stuff You Already Mentioned Before- Instead of going into details about your accomplishments, which you already mentioned in your resume,tell them about your achievements, which could not make it to the resume. The employer would have already got an idea about that and they will test/judge you according to that. So, don’t miss out on anything and don’t stuff unnecessary details in your cover letter.
  2. Instead of Thinking/Mentioning All the Good Stuff That This Job Would Bring to You, Focus on What You Can Give to the Company- This is the most common mistake that candidates make. They give out their weakness to the company by mentioning how desperate they are for the job. Instead of doing that, just mention how youare beneficial for the company.
  3. Don’t Be Focused Too Much on the Past- You have already mentioned all those things you have already done in your past -your experience, achievements etc. Don’t go on exaggerating these. Instead of doing that, tell them what you are capable of doing now and what you can potentially do in future.
  4. Don’t Forget about Your Skills- Most candidates are so busy highlighting their previously earned feats and experiences that they forget to tell the employer about their skills. Though it is right to talk about your experience as it is an advantage over other candidates applying for the same job, other candidates might also have their own set of experiences. So, to make a better chance, now you have to showcase your skills.
  5. Don’t Be Sorry for What You Don’t Know- Some candidates even mention about the skills that they aren’t familiar with. This is probably the biggest mistake because you could learn stuff as required with time. Instead focus on what you already have.


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