Why Get AWS Architect Certification?

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a term used for Amazon’s cloud computing facilities. AWS certification is a comprehensive training program for individuals and employers who want to develop their skills in cloud computing. Aspirants get high-quality AWS training from the industry’s experts.

AWS Certification Explained

AWS certification has gained popularity in last few years due to its demand. Amazon now avails five types of certifications, including associate and professional level. The company is planning to expand this figure to include Security Operations on AWS and Big Data on AWS certification.

It’s important to know that Associate level certification is a must to attend the Professional level exam. The exams take place in on-site testing centers and include four sections: designing highly available and cost effective systems, implementation and deployment, data security and troubleshooting.

Why Get AWS Certification?

Whether you are a web developer, designer or database administrator, AWS certification will make your life much easier. Amazon’s cloud computing package touches almost every technology at an advanced platform. Once you get excel in AWS, it means you’ll gain expertise in numerous high-end technologies.

Moreover, these Amazon certifications are feasible and don’t require any high-level specialization to start with training. You don’t need to quit your job to pursue this lucrative training.

Associate tier mainly includes AWS Solution Architect Certified Associate, Certified Develop Associate and Certified Sysops Administrator Administrators.

Professional Tier includes: Certified Solutions Architect Professional and DevOps Professional.

Specialty Tier includes: Security, Big Data, and Advanced Networking

The best way to start with AWS certification is to take Certified Solutions Architect Associate first. It will make you familiar with the AWS ecosystem and its core functionality. It will further help you understand the content of professional certification programs properly without any hassle in learning.

Benefits of AWS for Individuals

AWS certification gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and establish your credibility and expertise in a particular field. Achieving credential through certification not only increases your employability but also opens the door to better jobs involving AWS-related projects.

So, if you’re hunting a job, having AWS certification mentioned on your CV would help get you past various rounds to an interview room. Businesses fail to test the competencies of a job applicant. Also, they have tons of CVs to go through. So, having this certification on your CV will fetch their attention. It acts like an extra bonus you receive from AWS Summits and Conferences. Forbes reported AWS as the highest paying certifications in the USA.

Benefits of AWS for Employers

For employers, having AWS architect certification helps the company to identify skilled members. It helps them assist in reducing the risks while implementing AWS based projects. If you have employees with this certification, it can contribute to your business growth because with this; you will easily get membership in AWS Partner Network (APN).

Once you become a certified member of APN, you will gain access to a multitude of benefits, like AWS usage credits, training subsidies, and much more.

Make sure you start your AW certification training from a reputed and approved institution.

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