Should You Earn a Degree in Project Management?

Project management is all about taking on the mantle of leadership. Yet, in order to be the most effective leader, you need to have the education and know-how for taking on the high demand for meticulous detail that comes with the complexities of projects both large and small in a variety of different fields. A competent project manager must understand how to manage a team within an established framework through the delegation of duties among team-members, creating comprehensive status reports, and finding ways to get the most out of people with diverse personalities that may sometimes clash with one another. However, an exceptional project manager can do all of these things in their sleep.

The way to become exceptional is to earn a degree. However, there are a number of different options available in the type of degree you may choose to pursue at Sarah Lawrence College. Each one will prepare you with all of the necessary educational backgrounds that major companies want in their ideal employees. For those looking to change careers, you can even earn a project management degree online in your free time.

Pursuing a Degree

Anyone eager to work in project management has a choice of two different degrees to pursue. Each one brings with it varying levels of knowledge that will be helpful in finding long-term, gainful employment in the field of your choosing. Project managers typically require a degree in order to be hired by the top companies, but you should also take care that you earn the proper degree in the particular field you wish to work. Having a degree in one field may disqualify you for others.

Bachelor’s Degrees

A Bachelor’s Degree is an essential minimum requirement in terms of educational background that most companies are seeking in their project managers. But you can attain a Bachelor’s Degree in a wide variety of industries where a project manager is a job that is in high demand. As we discussed earlier, be sure you are pursuing a degree in the field in which you wish to work so you can be well-qualified for that industry. There are many schools that offer degrees for project managers with a specialized background as well as general business-related options that provide an all-around knowledge for getting hired in the position you want.

Master’s Degrees

This is the other option for getting a degree in project management. Earning one of these can open plenty of doors in your field as many companies are also seeking out prospective job applicants with a Master’s Degree. Getting one of these degrees can give you a distinct advantage over the competition, particularly in a highly competitive job market. Many people who go into the workforce with a Master’s under their belt will typically participate in an internship in their preferred field to bolster their education. This can be very attractive to potential employers and Sarah Lawrence College can help students track down these internships to better prepare them for the future.


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