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Regardless of what one may think, essay writing is pretty straightforward once a student gets the hang of it. It is not much different from a recipe: qualities of the cook matter, but it is of an equal importance to use all of the ingredients. It is not only the content that matters, but a structure too, as well as some seemingly unimportant details that many students overlook ( such as reading the assignment carefully).  However, when a student lacks confidence, it is hard to break the ice. For that reason, many students decide to enlist the help of writing service, such as The most important of all: each step of the way of writing should be planned in advance, without any surprises, in order to avoid unnecessary stress and struggling with deadlines.

Here are some of our tips for writing the perfect essay:

  • Read the Assignment Carefully

  A lot of students believe that this is the easiest part of writing an essay and they pay little or no attention to it. But that is a big mistake to make. In fact, getting the assignment question right is the main precondition for getting a passing grade, not to mention something more than that. To illustrate how easy it is to stray away from the assignment question: “ discuss“ means that a student is required to engage in a written debate and write a pros and cons, while  “ analyse“ requires a student to adopt more critical approach, identify the most important parts of work that is to be analysed and focus on them. They sound the same, but the expectations are entirely different.

  • Develop a Thesis

The first step here is to distinguish between a thesis and a topic. A topic is broader and represents the subject area of an essay while a thesis is more specific as it chooses a certain point of view and analyses a topic. The most efficient thesis is the one that manages to grab attention, whether it be a controversy, importance or a tension. Another important thing to have in mind is that a thesis should be clear and precise, by no means vague or overly- opinionated.

One of the best tips we can give is to ask for write my essay on DoMyPapers, the writing service for busy students. A thesis should be given a prominent place in the essay usually in the first few sentences. Each paragraph of the essay should link to a thesis.

  • Write an Effective Introduction

This part of the essay, even though it should be short, can make it or break it. It should be clear, precise and attention- grabbing ( through the use of some writing hooks such as anecdotes, quotations, direct questions) and it should orient readers by providing the context of the essay and explaining what the focus is. This means providing some guidelines to the readers and offering explanations of each term that is to be used, making sure that there are no surprises or confusions. The introduction should not be too long, its recommended length is 10 % of the word count.

  • Analyse & Reflect

This is the most difficult part of every essay because it requires strong analytical skills and ability to make the best of research material at one’ s disposal. Writing a quality essay is not about including all the sources one can find. Sure, it shows a thorough research, but what is more important is to make sure that every piece fits into the jigsaw puzzle of an essay and contributes to the chosen argument. Each argument should be supported by the evidence and every piece of evidence should link to a thesis. After each argument, a reflection should follow, offering counter- arguments and discussing their strengths and weaknesses. These two parts of the essay ( analysis and reflection) should be carefully delineated.

These tips should be of assistance when writing an essay and be of use when deciding on the path to follow. Their advantage is that they offer the services of experienced professionals whose advice can be very useful while one is learning the ropes.

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