Let Your School Spirit Shine With a Feather Banner

If you’re like many students, alumni and school officials, you are probably the proud owner of several items of clothing or bits of bookstore paraphernalia emblazoned with the logo, mascot or motto of your school. Indeed, it’s practically a requirement to rock the school logo when attending competitive events with other institutions, as a show of school spirit at such events tends to take on a competitive nature all its own that no one seems immune to at any age. Alarge feather banner displaying your school’s name, team name, school logo or other unique catchphrasemakes a thoughtful complement to this kind of organized exhibition of enthusiasm, especially when it comes to projectingyour message of school spirit far and wide.

Visual Impact

Without question, making a dramatic, memorable visual impact is important when it comes to projecting school spirit. There is no argumentabout whetherhordes of logo-wearing fans make an impact at sporting events. Just a glance at the larger-than-life video screen as the camera pans over the stadium crowd during a gamecan confirm that fact, as the camerainexorably zooms in on those fans really going the extra mile in showing their support, decked out head-to-toe in school colors, waving and chanting and often sporting foam fingers and even face andbody paint to add to the total package.

It’s easy to see how bigger, brighter and more colorful statements are more likely to draw the eye in any situation, and school officials can take advantage of this fact to draw more eyes to the school’sname and logo and drum up even more excitement for the teamby liningstadium hallways and other prominent areas with flag banners throughout the season, but especiallyduring home games. Even better news, though, is that home team territory isn’t the only place that the feather banner idea works well. Want an impressive way to support the team at an away game? Bring along a colorful banner or two to decorate the pregame tailgating area. With multiple sizes available, it is possible to project messages to wide audiences over long distances, whether at home or away.


Using flag banners to show school spirit offers many benefits. Firstly, since they are lightweight, these types of banners are convenient and easy both to set up and take down, and they can be used on diverse types of terrain, since they can be secured in place with either a ground spike or a portable support base. These banners are also durable and long-lasting, meaning you can reuse them for multiple sporting occasions. You can evenadd more banners to your school’s collection over time for a bigger visual impact in hallways or on the field. Finally, these banners are also cost-effective, making them a good option for messages designed to honor specific alumni contributions, student accomplishments or outstanding athlete performance over the year. A school might even choose to give such a banner to a chosen honoree at the end of the year as a memorabilia piece.

Feather banners are versatile and economical and can carry messages of victory and triumphthat resound with students, alumni and school officials alike. If your school has spirit and passion to spare, you may want to consider a feather banneras a way to let that school spirit shine.

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