How to participate in NSO?

NSO stands for National Science Olympiad. This is a national-level competitive exam held for the school students. The NSO is organized by the body known as SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation). The exam is basically aimed at nurturing the skills of logical ability and scientific reasoning among the fresh minds through a rigorous form of test. The SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) is primarily aimed at enhancing the scientific curiosity and vigor in the young students of the nation through various competitive exams, one of them being the National Science Olympiad.

Every year thousands of young aspirants become a part of this prestigious national-level examination to put their logical reasoning and scientific ability skills to test. To undertake the test, the students need to be eligible for the same.

Eligibility Criteria

If you wish to participate in the National Science Olympiad, then there is a certain set of eligibility criteria that you need to satisfy. Here are them:

  • The students who are studying in Class 1 to 12 are eligible to appear for the 1st level National Science Olympiad.
  • To qualify for the 2nd level Olympiad, the students will have to fulfill the following criteria:
  1. The top 5% of the students (class wise) who had appeared for the 1st level exam can sit for the 2nd level exam.
  2. The top 25 rank holders (zone wise) per class in the 1st level exam can also sit for the 2nd level exam.
  3. The class toppers from each of the participating schools in which at least 10 students appear for the 1st level exam from a particular class and score at least 50% for being qualified for the 2nd level exam. In case the registration of the students has been received section wise, then the top rank holder (irrespective of the section) will be held qualified for the 2nd level examination. For the registrations that occur section wise, the winners of the gold medals might not necessarily be held qualified for the 2nd level exam.
  4. The students of Class 1 and 2 are not eligible for appearing into the 2nd level of the NSO exam. Their ranks are based on the individual performance in the 1st level of the exam.
  • There is no restriction on taking the NSO exam as long as the students are enrolled in a given school program.
  • In a specific academic year, a particular student is allowed only one attempt of sitting for the National Science Olympiad.

Registration and Participation

To participate in the National Science Olympiad, once you satisfy all the eligibility criteria, you would need to register for the same. Here are some simple steps:

  • The prospectus that contains the Registration Forms for the National Science Olympiad is sent to all the respective schools that are registered with the SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation).
  • The schools which have NOT registered with the Science Olympiad Foundation can also submit a request for the National Science Olympiad prospectus. This can be done by sending an email to Such schools can also make a phone call or send a fax to 0124-4951200.
  • The coordinating teacher of the particular school will generate the roll numbers of the students as per the given guidelines of the NSO.
  • A nominal fee for participating in the National Science Olympiad is charged from each student to sit for the national-level exam.

Each year, the National Science Olympiad tests and produces some of the brightest minds of the nation. The overall process of participating in this national-level skill-testing exam is very simple and any aspiring student can sit for the NSO.

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