Consider Investing in an Online Church Directory

Having a church directory can be really useful on a number of levels. It can help a staff member find the address of someone they would like to visit. It will also give a group leader the email addresses of everyone on the team when it’s time to organize the next meeting. For staff and church members alike, a church directory gives people an easy way to stay in touch with one another.

If your church has always spent months organizing the next directory and a lot of money preparing to print many paper copies, perhaps it’s time to consider investing in an online directory. DirectorySpot offers a great way to keep track of every member and their contact information. New members won’t need to wait until the next directory is published to be included; they can be added immediately.

Church members can update their own information. Pastors or team leaders can send individual or group messages to alert people to upcoming meetings. This system will greatly assist in keeping people connected with church events and with one another.

DirectorySpot is an app that can be used in iOS and Android software. There’s no need to be concerned about members who don’t have a Smartphone. This app is available online so it can be used with their computers.

Contact information for every user must be kept private and be protected. It is vital that as members’ contact details are shared within the system that those exchanges remain secure. DirectorySpot is set up so only designated, authorized users will be able to access that database. If you’re interested in learning more about the security system, click here.

Everyone in your directory will be able to send emails to other within this system. Bible study group leaders can contact the individual members of their group. One member can also write to another church member, their group leader or the main church office. It’s a great way to keep members connected and keep them up-to-date regarding scheduled activities and changes in the time or location of their meeting.

Your church has the option to sell advertising on your directory site, perhaps while promoting a special event or anything the leaders and members decide is a worthy idea. The money raised could be used to help fund the event being promoted or used to build a new group of Sunday school classrooms. This feature will only be activated when and if the church decides to use it.

DirectorySpot has a calendar that can be linked to all other online church calendars. This will be such a big help in keeping departments from scheduling the meetings over one another. It can improve attendance at church meetings since this will provide one master list to view.

This new kind of church directory really could bring a greater amount of organization to your schedule. Everyone will be able to use the same calendar and communication between staff and church members will be easy. Maybe it’s time your church takes a serious look into having an online calendar.


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