NMAT: High scorers share their success stories

NMAT is a national level management entrance test, conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) every year. The test is conducted in multiple windows within the months of October and December. The candidate can take the test multiple times. 23 institutes in India provide admission through NMAT such as NMIMS Mumbai and Bangalore.

NMAT Cutoff for NMIMS Mumbai is around 208 to 216 every year. It is considered the best college under NMAT. Many candidates are not able to achieve this score as they are not able to plan the right way for the exam. To help candidates have a better strategy for NMAT, we bring you the strategies of some high scorers of NMAT. It won’t just inspire, it will help you prepare the right way:-

Eshan Kapoor – NMAT 2016

Eshan Kapoor scored 234 in NMAT 2016. His mantra for success in NMAT was his speed. In an interview, he shared that he did not develop any strategy for the exam, but he knew how to use his strengths properly.

With regular practice, he had developed a good reading speed that helped him solve the Reading Comprehension section quickly and accurately. The Logical Reasoning was the one he was most comfortable with, that is why he began with that section in his NMAT exam.

According to him, one must begin with the questionswhich he/she is confident to solve with maximum accuracy in minimal time and then move on to the sections that require more time and efforts.

Eshan completed the Verbal and reasoning section quickly that saved a lot of time for Quantitative Aptitude. He suggested that since there is no negative marking for incorrect answers, there is nothing wrong in doing some guesswork in the final moments of the exam.

Anisha Mukhija – NMAT 2015

Anisha Mukhija scored 222 marks in NMAT 2015 and got admission in NMIMS. As part of her strategy, she says that one should aim much higher than the NMAT cutoff for cracking the exam. She says that 230+ is an ideal target for NMAT.

She suggested that since NMAT is totally a speed based exam, one should be wise with the selection of questions and play on his/her strengths. She said that she started with Verbal Section, moved on to Logical Reasoning and then to Quantitative Aptitude. According to her, one must solve the sections in order of his/her comfort level, starting with the most comfortable one.

She mentions that one should make oneself habitual to time ticking. Also, learning from the experiences of others is essential for preparation as this way you can learn the right strategy to follow to ace the exam.

Anjum Sheikh – NMAT 2014

Anjum Sheikh topped NMAT 2014 and took admission in NMIMS Mumbai. She began preparing for NMAT around 8 months before the exam and topped it. She said she started by clearing her basics and then devoted her time for proper practice.

According to her, it is important to work on time management, as one has to solve 120 questions in 120 minutes. Anjum devoted at least 3 hours every day to prepare for the exam and practiced with as many mock tests as she could.

Anjum said that to prepare for Verbal section, one needs to develop regular reading habits. She herself read a lot of books, magazines and newspapers while preparing for this section. For logical reasoning, she quoted that practice is everything and for quant, it is important to be clear with the basics and be speedy at solving questions.

Her success in NMAT is primarily due to her continued effort and dedication over those 8 months in which she prepared for NMAT.

Anubhav Kunnel – NMAT 2013

Anubhav Kunnel scored a scintillating 230 in NMAT 2013. He did not only score high in NMAT, but also in IIFT, SNAP and XAT. He said that since NMAT has no negative marking, his focus was entirely on being as speedy as he can. Since he was not preparing for any single exam, his strategy involved creating and following a proper schedule for every topic.

He said that one must stop try to learn any new topics in the final days of exam as the last 3 weeks before exam shouldentirely be focused on revision of what has been covered already. He said that it is important to identify your strengths and weaknesses, for MBA entrance, or any other exam for that matter.

Anubhan receivedadmission calls from XLRI, IIFT, NMIMS and many other colleges. Although he did not join NMIMS, his journey and strategies can be really useful for candidates aspiring to appear for NMAT.


Simran Parmar – NMAT 2013

Simran Parmar appeared in NMAT 2013 and qualified with 92ndrank. She applied for SPPSPTM College and easily got the admission in this institute. She said that one must be focused and clear about their goals to crack NMAT.

She said that one can crack NMAT by studying merely for 2 months, provided he/she studies properly. Simran used youtube videos to her benefit to learn shortcuts and concepts. She said that she practiced with the sample papers and mock tests available on NMIMS website and also provided by TIME institute. Working on your weaknesses and practicing as much as you can is her secret to cracking NMAT 2013 and getting her desired business school.

People with different strategies have cracked NMAT and have been able to get admission in their dream college. Candidates should learn from the experience of the experienced and devise a strategy of their own. Good Luck!

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